“Music is what love sounds like”

Understanding the above statement, fast rising Disk Jockey, DJ MULARH has brought to bare the synergy between love and music on his Love Tape Mixtape.

Through his intuitive track selection prowess that has always left his listeners requiring more of his mixtape experience, Kwame Theo MULARH has put together a tracklist that appeals to every one on each of the love spectrum.

Between those out of love, the ones experiencing love and people looking forward to love, the Love Tape by DJ MULARH elevates every listener to be conscious of one true statement; among the three things meant to last forever, the greatest between faith, hope and love is LOVE.

Stream/Download the Love Tape Mixtape by DJ MULARH below 👇🏽 👇🏽👇🏽

The Love Tape Mix [Download]



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