The Collation 12 Mixtape. It is his longest series of mixtape releases, and DJ Mularh is giving his fans and music lovers another big reason why he is the best at what he does. The journey to the 12th edition of his Collation Series of Mixtapes has been long, but his energy somehow keeps growing with each release. The Collation 12 Mixtape by DJ Mularh forms part of his 2021 end of year releases. It is a collection of hit songs timed and arranged with a level of precision that evokes a listeners senses to catch the Mularh fever. Serving his fans with back-to-back releases to climax the year, Kwame Theo Mularh has already dropped the Amapiano Mixtape and the second edition of his gospel themed Holy Encounter with God. His latest is the Collation 12 Mixtape which he has scheduled to be followed up with the volume 2 of his dance inducing Fa Ma Omo Mixtape as well as a High-Life Mixtape. Enjoy the Collation 12 Mixtape by DJ Mularh below:



Dj Mularh – The Collation Mixtape Vol. 12 – [Download]


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